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our Foster Program

We are a foster-based rescue group.

Fostering a dog—taking a dog into your home and providing it with shelter and care for a predetermined amount of time or until a forever home is found—is one of the most rewarding things a dog person can do. Don't believe us? Then, read a few testimonies from some of our foster parents here. If you are interested in other volunteering opportunities, click here.

Clifford, our first cleft palate Vizsla.
Are you Ready to Foster?
  • You want to help transform one of our rescue Vizslas into a pet, and help another family find the right Vizsla for their home.
  • You've been thinking of ways to make a difference in the life of a Vizsla but don't necessarily want the lifetime commitment of adding a dog to your family.
  • You have space in your home and schedule to accommodate a temporary guest and give her the attention she needs.

If you nodded in understanding at more than one of the above reasons, you might be ready to foster!

I am alive because someone fostered me.

What is a Foster Home?

The main function of one of our foster homes is to provide a safe, loving home environment. For the most part, this entails caring for your foster Vizsla as you would care for your own dog: offering food, water, affection, socialization, toys/enrichment, and exercise to keep the dog happy and healthy.

Millie, one of our fosters

What are my Responsibilities?

Besides the description under "What is a Foster home, " you may also be asked to:

  • Transport the dog to and from vet appointments.
  • Work with your foster Vizsla on basic obedience, such as commands, housebreaking, walking on a leash, crate training.
  • Monitor any medical and/or behavioral problems, and report back to CWVRG with information about the dog's personality and behavior.
  • Speak with potential adopters to tell them about your foster Vizsla and help determine if they are a good match.

What Kind of Commitment does Fostering Take?

Your time and commitment level can vary depending on your schedule and CWVRG's needs. When you start fostering, we will help match you with a dog that suits your lifestyle and home. First-time fosters can get their feet wet with “easier” dogs; the more invested and experienced in fostering you become, the more willing and able you may be to take on challenges.

No matter what kind of Vizslas you foster, all foster homes provide the valuable service of socializing a dog and getting to know her personality. Your relationship with her is key information in helping find her furever home.

The Joys of Fostering include: Save lives, get love, give love, help dogs become more adoptable, good karma, matchmaking, creating happy new beginings.

Fostering Rewards

Why is fostering a dog so great? For starters, fostering is one of the most direct things you can do to save lives. Fostering:

  • Gives you those warm, fuzzy feelings only volunteering can provide.
  • Builds on your canine expertise.
  • Brings the fun and companionship of a Vizsla into your life. There’s nothing like seeing a dog blossom into a loving companion, and sending her off to a happy family who found their match thanks to you.
Your Foster? I know I licked er... Liked you!How to Get Started

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