Volunteering Opportunities

We are an all volunteer rescue group.

We have several opportunities for volunteers right now. Check them out below! If you are interested in fostering for us, then head on over to here.

We need a Secretary

Are you ready to make a real commitment to our organization in the form of joining our friendly, hard working board of directors?

As with most 501 (c) 3 non-profits, our secretary takes the minutes at our quarterly phone meetings and any special meetings, has possession of our records and by-laws, and handles any rescue related correspondence needed for the smooth running of our organization.

If you are interested in joining our board, please fill out the application below.

President's right Hand.

President's Right Hand

Our President is inundated with paper work, emails, and go to stuff. She really needs some help here, especially with correspondence and picking up a lot of the slack, such as responding to emails, making phone calls, and generally assisting her however and whenever you can. Think administrative assistant.

As with almost all of our volunteer opportunities, this is a position you can do from your home computer and phone. Are you up for this? Then apply below!

President's right Hand.

Online Gift Shop Manager

The Gift Shop Manager is responsible for the Gift Shop inventory and handling and shipping sold items in a timely manner. You will work with our webmistress and treasurer as needed. You will not be handling money, as all sales go through our treasurer.

Additional duties might include helping with our silent auction at our yearly fall, Vizsla V-ibe fundraiser.  Interested? Please fill out the application form below.


Phone Interviews

The person who does phone interviews for us is one of the first real human contacts a potential adopter has. The interviewer's mission is to get to know the applicant on a more personal level, discover what their expectations are, their experiences, if any, with Vizslas, and do an initial report on whether or not the interviewer thinks this person/family might be a good fit for us. If they pass the phone interview, then the next step is the Home Visit.

Home Vists

Home Visits

As a person who does home visits, you are a major step in our decision as to whether or not this is a suitable home for one of our Vizslas.  Your home visits are often the first opportunity for us to actually see what home conditions a potential adopter has, including where the dog will live, sleep, and eat. Is there a fenced yard? What about exercise? If the yard isn't large, is there a dog park nearby, walking trails, or other sources for exercise?  How prepared are the adopters to take a new dog into their home?

Assisting the Foster and Adoption Committees

Assisting the Fostering and Adoption Committee's

The special people interested in this position will help the fostering and adoption people process applications and assign phone interviews and home visits. Other duties may arise as needed. You are limited only by how much time and effort you want to commit.

This is where some of the real work of rescue happens. If you are a hands on person, who works well with people and teams, then this may just be your dream rescue volunteer job. Fill out the volunteer application below.



Do you like scapbooking or collecting and assembling notebooks full of fun events and activities? If so, this position just may be your dream volunteer job.

As this is a new position, the world is wide open to you. You get to get all creative and decide how to document and preserve our past, present and future. Someday, people will look at your work and marvel how much we were able to accomplish.

Are you game? Well, then, what's stopping you? Fill out the application below and we will talk.

Home Vists


As with all rescues of our kind, we often have the need to transport one or more dogs from one city, county, or state to another. Sometimes the trips only take an hour or two, other times, you might be called to drive across the border to Kansas and meet an incoming transport there, or be the leg of a longer journey.

So, what do you say? Do you have a van or other vehicle that will hold one or more crates, like to drive, and have a heart for saving homeless Vizslas? Fill out the application below!

Assisting the Foster and Adoption Committees


Fostering has its own page. Way too much to say here on this page. Interested? Go here to find out what fostering entails and read some testimonials from some of our fabulous foster families.