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Check out some of these testimonials from clients we have worked with in the past.

Levi on his way into rescue. Scared and unsocialized.


Levi came into rescue as a hunting dog, that couldn't. His owner was going to...well... let's just say that CWVRG saved him, literally, because his owner's friend took him and turned him over to CWVRG. Levi started out scared and unsocialized. He had been a kennel dog, housed with his brother. Ten years later, he is a sweet, loving, happy boy. We call him "Happy Butt" because he is always walking around smiling and wagging his tail. So very glad we were chosen to adopt him!

Love you Levi!!! Thank you CWVRG for matching us! ~TG



Several years ago we adopted our “Huddy Buddy” from CWVRG. It had been 4 years since I’d lost my beloved Jeannie and I was finally ready for a new running buddy. My mother (a very knowledgeable dog person) recommended the Vizsla. I hadn’t heard of them before, but after doing some research I contacted CWVRG. We met Hudson (fka Jackson) and there was no going back. He is a great family dog, though high energy, a wonderful running buddy (we even race together) and a big love! Or as I tell most everyone I meet, “BEST DOG EVER”! Thank you CWVRG for the work you do! ~Kacey





Colorado Wyoming Vizsla Rescue Group (CWVRG) is doing some spectacular work with the rescue of the special breed of dogs, the unique and amazing Vizsla. All dog breeds and animals are wonderful but the Vizsla, as all of us Vizsla lovers know, is quite exceptional and matchless in both temperament and needs compared to other breeds.

The selfless and talented volunteers at CWVRG have rescued countless Vizslas from every imaginable tragic situation and placed them in proper and caring ‘forever homes’ where they belong. They do this out of the love for this breed and for every individual Vizsla that needs to be placed in a loving home where they can thrive. They are very thorough in their background evaluation of potential adoptive ‘parents’ as we found out during our adoption of ‘Henryk’, our recently adopted through CWVRG pup, who became our 3rd Vizsla boy after the loss of our ‘Butter’ dog last January and our acquisition of ‘Oakley’ last March. We now have two happy, crazy, insane, wild, turbo-charged, wild animal Vizsla boys to entertain us 24/7. We couldn’t be happier. ~Kurt and Janet

Tori fka Piper III


A few years after we got married we wanted a sweet, smart, family friendly dog that I wouldn't be allergic to. One of my wife's clients had one so we stopped by to see what they were all about and instantly fell in love. Not knowing any better we bought Abby from a backyard breeder in Brookfield, IL. She was a loyal friend and constant companion for 13 years before she became sick and we had to put her down. We were devastated, but after getting settled into our new home we started looking for a V breeder -- no question -- and came across the CWVRG site. To our amazing luck they matched us up with Rose who we renamed to Tamsin. She is now 6 and again captured our hearts, and of course, is spoiled as every V should be. We took her to hunting school so that she will stay nearby off-leash and come when called. Needless to say we are hooked on the beautiful, intelligent, and loyal breed. ~Gregg


It has been several years now since Maggie adopted me. I can’t imagine life without her. She has taken over the house, the bed, and everything is a little messier and happier too. Maggie is now a happy girl, she loves to cuddle, snuggles, attention, other doggies and people too. Maggie is definitely a rescue dog… she rescued my heart. Thank you CWRG for terrific work you do. I will always be grateful.



Spice and Paisley

We adopted Spice (fka Sarge) and Paisley in 2009 from CWVRG and it has been a fantastic experience!  We knew we wanted two dogs and they found these sweet V's for us. The CWVRG family has been supportive from the beginning -- making sure we knew all about the breed and what to expect, provided guidance when we had questions and supportive as our sweet sugar-faced Vizslas have become seniors.

These are our first Vizslas and they are just the perfect breed for us -- they are sweet, goofy, active and a true family dog (they have been excellent with our little kids and a great experience for our kids to grow up with dogs!).  If you are looking to adopt a Vizsla, then CWVRG is the place to start!  ~Lori


Apache and Rudy

"Here's my love story: As a field coordinator with a power line installation company, I often worked with our subcontractors. One of whom, would bring his dog "Dixie" to the job site, but kept her in the truck, hardly letting her out. One time, she was tethered to a tree while they worked. I went up to her and played with her for about half an hour, falling instantly in love. Fast forward to about a year later. I received a phone call from this person who stated, and I quote, "We have to get rid of Dixie and since you seem to like her so much, we thought we'd give you first shot at her." (Doing me a favor, were they?)

Dixie instantly became my best friend and traveled with me when I commuted to Durango for weeks on end, etc. I loved her with all my heart and soul, more than I've ever loved any animal until she succumbed to Systemic Lupus. Fast forward: I researched CWVRG because I wanted another Vizsla. Thanks to CWVRG, I now have two, Apache and Rudy. They're my guys and I love them dearly. Dixie was my heart dog and I shall never forget her, but Apache and Rudy are my boys...sweet, loving, TORNADIC and awesome. ~Tamara