"I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love.
For me they are the role model for being alive."
~Gilda Radner~

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Kurt and Janet

Colorado Wyoming Vizsla Rescue Group (CWVRG) is doing some spectacular work with the rescue of the special breed of dogs, the unique and amazing Vizsla. All dog breeds and animals are wonderful but the Vizsla, as all of us Vizsla lovers know, is quite exceptional and matchless in both temperament and needs compared to other breeds.

The selfless and talented volunteers at CWVRG have rescued countless Vizslas from every imaginable tragic situation and placed them in proper and caring ‘forever homes’ where they belong. They do this out of the love for this breed and for every individual Vizsla that needs to be placed in a loving home where they can thrive. They are very thorough in their background evaluation of potential adoptive ‘parents’ as we found out during our adoption of ‘Henryk’, our recently adopted through CWVRG pup, who became our 3rd Vizsla boy after the loss of our ‘Butter’ dog last January and our acquisition of ‘Oakley’ last March. We now have two happy, crazy, insane, wild, turbo-charged, wild animal Vizsla boys to entertain us 24/7. We couldn’t be happier.

Though they take considerable time, energy and effort, this breed will reward you with love, companionship, loyalty and lively entertainment like no other. We give our thanks and unfettered appreciation to the volunteers at CWVRG for their time, support and selfless dedication to recuing these wonderful dogs and placing them where they can love and be loved like they so richly deserve.

We might add that the CWVRG “Foster Homes” are stupendous and Henryk’s foster mom, Molly, is the absolute best.

If you would like to follow Handsome Henryk’s and his big brother, Oakley’s, adventures, they have their own FB page, Vizsla Broz: Baby O and Handsome H. (Henryk is actually bigger than Oakley now, but will always be the ‘little brother”) ~Kurt and Janet  


Falling in love with Vizslas was really quit by accident. We had been without dogs for a while having had to put the second German Shepard down due to cancer. It was in the middle eighties when I walked out to the compos pile to make a deposit and there nosing around looking for something to eat was this ginger colored pup about 3 months old with lots of loose skin. I brought it in the house, fed it and called the humane shelter. Having no idea what kind of dog I had, I described it the best I could to the person answering the phone. I added that if no one claimed it, we would keep it as we were without a dog. And so we kept Ginger. We had no idea what breed she was, only that she was very active, a quick learn, loyal, people needy and liked to ride in the car.

Fast forward about 5 years when our son came home on leave from the Marines. He wanted to go down town to do a walk about. We went into a store selling items to tourists. Everyone went to where the tourist items were and I went to where the books were. The first book I picked up was a dog breed book. About half way through it, I opened to a page which had a picture identical to my dog on it and it said the breed was a VIZSLA! Of course I called everyone over to look. About 8 years later I had to put Ginger down because of grand seizers.

A couple of years after that, our son and daughter in-law moved to Wyoming where they found a back yard breeder and bought two females, one of which is our Rozsda [means rust in Hungarian]. Don't ask me which Vizsla I like the best. Vs are very much alike, at the same time each has their very own personality. And yes, I have reached the point where there are Vs, then there are the rest. 

A couple of years after that, I met a man walking a Vizsla. He invited me to come to a RMVC function where I heard about CWVRG and that help rescuing these wonderful dogs was needed. I opened mouth and inserted foot. As they say: the rest is history.  


"3 1/2 years ago we adopted our “Huddy Buddy” from CWVRG. It had been 4 years since I’d lost my beloved Jeannie and I was finally ready for a new running buddy. My mother (a very knowledgeable dog person) recommended the Vizsla. I hadn’t heard of them before, but after doing some research I contacted CWVRG. We met Hudson (fka Jackson) and there was no going back. He is a great family dog, though high energy, a wonderful running buddy (we even race together) and a big love! Or as I tell most everyone I meet, “BEST DOG EVER”! Thank you CWVRG for the work you do."


"A few years after we got married we wanted a sweet, smart, family friendly dog that I wouldn't be allergic to. One of my wife's clients had one so we stopped by to see what they we all about and instantly fell in love. Not knowing any better we bought Abby from a backyard breeder in Brookfield, IL. She was a loyal friend and constant companion for 13 years before she became sick and we had to put her down. We were devastated, but after getting settled into our new home we started looking for a V breeder -- no question -- and came across the CWVRG site. To our amazing luck they matched us up with Rose who we renamed to Tamsin. She is now 2 and again captured our hearts, and of course, is spoiled as every V should be. We took her to hunting school so that she will stay nearby off-leash and come when called. Needless to say we are hooked on the beautiful, intelligent, and loyal breed."


"Here's my love story: As a field coordinator with a power line installation company, I often worked with our subcontractors. One of whom, would bring his dog "Dixie" to the job site, but kept her in the truck, hardly letting her out. One time, she was tethered to a tree while they worked. I went up to her and played with her for about half an hour, falling instantly in love. Fast forward to about a year later. I received a phone call from this person who stated, and I quote, "We have to get rid of Dixie and since you seem to like her so much, we thought we'd give you first shot at her." (Doing me a favor, were they?) I agreed to bring her home for a weekend to see how she meshed with my other dogs. Honestly? Who was I kidding. She instantly became my best friend, traveled with me when I commuted to Durango for weeks on end, etc. I loved her with all my heart and soul, more than I've ever loved any animal for four years until she succumbed to Systemic Lupus. She was my heart dog and will forever be in my soul. Fast forward: I researched CWVRG because I wanted another Vizsla. Fast forward: I now have two, Apache and Rudy. They're my guys and I love them dearly. Dixie was my heart dog and I shall never forget her, not as long as I live, but Apache and Rudy are my boys...sweet, loving, TORNADIC and awesome. Love me some Vizslas."


"I got my first V in 1994 - Babe. She had been my dad's dog and when my Shar-Pei died he told me I simply MUST have a Vizsla so he gave her to me. He loved her and wanted me to love her too. She was the best dog I could have ever hoped to have. Right before she passed at the ripe old age of 14 1/2, our other Vizsla, 10-year old Falco, had to be put to sleep, so we contacted CWVRG. We had done transports for them. Of course, Polly said "Boy, do we have the dog for you!" and within two weeks we had Faith. She is our 3-legged girl who, at 8 weeks old, went to live a frightful 8 weeks with a horrid abuser. The abuser was turned into the cops and Faith was seized. She had been horribly abused and the vet clinic wanted to put her to sleep but CWVRG said "No - do whatever you can to save her!". Well - the vet clinic saved her and now she is my beloved Faith and she is the CWVRG logo dog. Little did I know in 2007 when I got her that she would become such a beloved member of my family. I just LOVE her so much! We also have 3 other Vizslas, Levi, Bosco and Bella. We got Levi and Bella from CWVRG and we got Bella from UT/ID VRG. Long live the Vizslas!!!!!"

Tom and Maria

"After many years living abroad, we moved back to the US in 2011. We finally settled, bought a house. Being a childless couple, I loved the freedom of traveling, of coming and going, and never thought of myself as an “animal person” although I could never stand for animal mistreatment and grew up surrounded by a crazy array of pets. Throughout all of our years in Europe my husband would tell me how much he would like us to have a dog. One day, in one of our friend’s home in Sarajevo, we met Dojze and it was love at 1st sight for him, he was a purebred Hungarian Vizsla. Dojze was never forgotten. Fast forward years later in our home in Colorado Springs, we are going about our lives and Tom tells me if Thursday would work for me because a lady from the Vizsla Rescue would come to interview us to see if we would be fit parents for a V. Huh?!!!

Little did I know from then on how much our lives was about to change….. In the record time of about 1 week we had a phone interview with Teila, a home visit with Becky and Ethan and the following week we were driving Ft Collins to Jerry Morran’s home to meet Maggie.   The thing is, we had requested for a boy but they thought that Maggie would be a good fit for us.  When we got to Jerry’s home all Jerry’s fosters came running towards us…. Except Maggie. She didn’t want anything to do with us.  She was aggressive with people, and the fact that she didn’t put her teeth out for us, I guess was a big deal. She had been in a number of homes before CWRG rescued her and she didn’t trust people.

We asked Jerry for 1 week to think about it, we were not even sure if Maggie would connect to us…. But at the end of that visit, she came to me for the 1st time, when I was laying on the floor and she lay down next to me, and I knew we would be family and we would be coming back for her.
Now has been 8 months since Maggie have adopted us. I can’t imagine life without her.  She has taken over the house, the bed, and everything is a little messier and happier too.  Maggie is now a happy girl, she loves to cuddle, snuggles, attention, other doggies and people too. Maggie is definitely a rescue dog… she rescued our hearts.  Than you CWRG for terrific work you do.  We will always be grateful. "
Tom, Maria & Maggie





" Four years ago this weekend we traveled to Ft. Collins to adopt our sweet Dixie. The first thing she did was give AJ a hug. Thank you CWVRG for rescuing our Dix, her sisters and for making it all possible. Dixie is such an amazing part of our family. We are thankful for her every day."








"Rudy came to us after his family decided that keeping him in an outdoor dog run 24/7 would be the "best thing for him". Not surprisingly, he barked the entire 24/7 and animal control intervened. Knowing Vizslas like I (and you) do, Vizslas require human contact. They were bred to be that way. And that is why we love them so much.

When I agreed to foster Rudy, he was somewhat wild, and wanting little to do with human contact, though when he did impart those few instances, he was SO SWEET. In the interim, all he wanted to do was run. And since we're on 40 acres (the front 5 of which are securely fenced) we let him do just that.

Over the first several months of residing at the "Woof Pack Ranch" he learned to love the following things:

Fetching. (He wouldn't bring back the the ball unless there was another one in the trigger. Gotta hedge your bets, ya know.)

Cookies and a crate are an awesome, safe place to be.

A crate doesn't mean the same as being locked in an outdoor kennel. Sometimes, it's just a good place to lay down and then walk out when one feels the need to stretch and get some mommy lovin'.

Kissing. We get the proprietary "bump/tongue" on the nose when requested.

Trust: Having fun with other dogs, he tells us, ROCKS!. We call him our "Ambassador" when new dogs come to visit. All he wants to do is play. And we let him.

Love. We loved him so much, we officially registered as Foster Fails over a year ago and adopted him.

Rudy is happy, healthy and though he eats anything and everything he can shove down his gullet, he is one of the most amazing dogs we've ever had the pleasure to own us.

Maddie and Clay

"CWVRG helped us adopt our first dog, and what a joy it's been! They worked with us to match us with the right pup, and now we can't imagine life without our Vizsla, Boudreaux.  Not only did CWVRG help bring this wonderful companion into our lives, but they've been there every step of the way in helping raise him into an awesome and healthy dog! Whenever someone asks where we got our V, we are always eager to tell them about CWVRG!"

Steve & Ashley

"We are so happy to have our Vizsla, Riley Coyote, in our family and words cannot say thanks enough to all of you. We were really looking forward to the BBQ & park day with all the other red dogs, but we do understand that times are tough & look forward to hopefully attending next year’s event. We did still want to donate to the rescue even though the event was canceled to help you guys find more amazing V’s homes to bless as Riley has done for us. Again thank you so much for blessing our lives."