• Kacey

    "3 1/2 years ago we adopted our “Huddy Buddy” from CWVRG. It had been 4 years since I’d lost my beloved Jeannie and I was finally ready for a new running buddy. My mother (a very knowledgeable dog person) recommended the Vizsla. I hadn’t heard of them before, but after doing some research I contacted CWVRG. more. . .



    "A few years after we got married we wanted a sweet, smart, family friendly dog that I wouldn't be allergic to. One of my wife's clients had one so we stopped by to see what they we all about and instantly fell in love. Not knowing any better we bought Abby from a backyard breeder in Brookfield, IL. She was a loyal friend and constant companion for 13 years before she became sick and we had to put her down. more. . .

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April 17, 2014