In Memoriam or in Honor

The following families and individuals have donated to CWVRG, Inc. in memoriam of or in tribute to a beloved red dog or a beloved friend or family member. Their contribution is much appreciated. The loss of their friend or family member, be it a human or a dog, is truly a loss to that family, the Vizsla community and to CWVRG.

To have your name added to this list, please make a donation and make sure that you designate who you want to honor or memorialize.

Donation: "In memory of beloved Canyon. Your heart-warming, ball-loving spirit lives on! - Your Colorado family - Norma, Claire, Erin, Rebecca, Kevin, and Jackie.
Anonymous donation made in memory of Crash
Valerie Cheshire - in loving memory of Louie Greer aka Top Dog.
Kathryn Aydt – in the name of Janet Bongard
Mark Lauricello – in the name of Frances Doncilja
Eva & Josh Grayck – in memory of Lola
Josh & Eva Grayck – in honor of Kobe
Nancy Grossman – a holiday gift in honor of the Helson Family – John, Jessica, Gusty, Margaux and Henry
Mr & Mrs. Lewis Henkind – in memory of Mrs. Lanette Valerio
Steve & Jane Horn – in honor of Flyer’s 15th birthday 4-3-12
Ingrid Hovland – in memory of Wilson
Ken & Joan Hunter – in memory of “Sophie” CH Renaissance
Ed Kauffman – in memory of Alf & Gracie
Marilyn Maier – in memory her beloved husband, Rick Maier, and her faithful and loving companion, Mickey
Matthew Mendenhall – in Honor of Bill Shelton
Nancy Metzler – “In honor of Teila Gilchrist. Her heart and soul shows through her rescue work.”
Gregg Petri – “In memory of our beloved Abigail. Thanks to CWVRG, Tamsin saved us not the other way around.”
Patterns from the Past – in memory of Red the Wonder Dog
Alexess Rea – “In memory of my beloved Hugo, all you guys did for him, and all you’ve done and continue to do for these amazing dogs.”
Mr & Mrs. Jay Richman – in memory of Mrs. Lanette Valerio
Stacey & Tim Sepp – in memory of Wilson
James & Kristin Swift – for my sister Laurie Edwards

This page was updated on: February 13, 2016