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Our motto: “Heal the body, heal the mind then find the Vizsla within!” – Lee Mahlman
Our goal: To leave no Vizsla to die or suffer.
Remember: “No matter how nice, a shelter can never be a home.”

    June 25, 2005 – January 22, 2007

    Ringo entered the rescue system in ID, a beautiful young male approximately 15 months old. He was picked up as a stray more than once. His owners always came to get him, but not this time. He was transferred to CO for foster to help out the other rescue coordinator.

    He was adopted by a young man who wanted a hiking companion. And, Ringo got to go on several hikes of 14ers. Ringo felt this was not the right home for him, the fellow had really been looking to replace his deceased Boxer. So Ringo came back into foster and his foster parents adopted him, August 14, 2005. They had wanted him in the first place.

    Ringo started exhibiting behavior problems in April 2006 and bit his owner over a rawhide chewy. Then in December 2006 he bit the milkmen twice (2 different milkmen). He was also exhibiting severe watery diarrhea. It was decided that he should come back into rescue to be rehabilitated. The transfer took place on New Years Day 2007.

    Upon arrival at the new foster, Polly in KS, she noticed a very bad smell coming from him. His skin, coat, red rash on his skin and his breath were very bad and he smelled of vomit. He also had severe stomach cramps and was doubling up with pain from the mid region of his body. He stood with his back roached as if in pain.

    He was treated for an allergic reaction to food, the food he came with smelled rancid. He was put on a special diet, antibiotics, and fluids to re-hydrate him. It took a couple of weeks for him to feel well and interact with the other Vizslas in the home.

    It was then that Polly noticed that Ringo was not gaiting like a normal dog, was weak in the rear, had no muscle tone in his rear, and needed help to get up on the bed or in the chair. And, when he would gait he would almost swing his rear legs out. Polly took him to the vet to discuss what she was observing and to have an x-ray taken. Among other discoveries, it was found that Ringo had severe hip dysplasia, the femur heads were flat. Polly decided that the best thing for Ringo was to hold him in love and help him cross over the Rainbow Bridge so he could be whole again to play with all the other Vs who have crossed before him. I know Ringo is thankful to Polly to have the strength to help him out of his pain. He was trying to let us know he needed help and we weren’t listening. We will try and listen on the next rescue. Ringo was about 4 years old. We will miss him and never forget him. – Rita