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Our motto: “Heal the body, heal the mind then find the Vizsla within!” – Lee Mahlman
Our goal: To leave no Vizsla to die or suffer.
Remember: “No matter how nice, a shelter can never be a home.”
  • August 23, 2007

  • Hannah, being the typical senior Vizsla at 14 yrs-old, had developed lots of what I call Vizsla lumps over the recent years. If you have ever had the pleasure of having an old V, you know what I am talking about; those fatty cysts under the skin, they kind of remind you of a lumpy old mattress. In late April she started growing one on an ankle that looked and acted a little different. Not being one to load up and go to the vet on a whim I chose to wait & watch it for a bit, as Hannah was her same piss-ant self, demanding attention and treat,s and as always helping me with tasks around the house. In early June, a trip to the vet dropped the bomb I was dreading. Hannah had a mast cell tumor on her ankle and it wouldn’t be long before, if it hadn’t already, metastasized to her lymph nodes and lungs. WOW that was not on my list of stuff to cope with!!! I chose to take Hannah home and make the best of our limited days together. She was allowed to tootle around our property (of course with us monitoring) off leash to sniff and track what she wished. Hannah and I continued to enjoy late evenings together, it was our time alone without the other dogs, just her and I; she would help me with household chores and keep me company. Unfortunately in mid-August the tumor on her ankle doubled in size in one week and the lymph nodes on her back legs were very swollen. Hannah was perky as ever but had developed a cough that was very worrisome, if not heart wrenching. The decision was made to help Hannah over the Rainbow Bridge while she had the upper hand on this horrible tumor and cancer that was attacking her body. As hard as it is to let a wonderful dog go, there is peace in protecting them from suffering. I cried and my husband complained of something in his eye as the vet helped our Hannah over the Rainbow Bridge. No more tumors, coughs or swollen lymph nodes-just running free with all the other wonderful Vizslas and their buddies on the other side.

    Hannah was part of our family for almost 6 years; she was surrendered by her owner to Vizsla rescue at the age of 8, almost 9 yrs old. Who wants an old V? If you get the opportunity to adopt an older Vizsla, don’t pass it up, they require extra TLC however they are worth adopting and are invaluable; I would not trade the last 6 years with Hannah for anything. Gotta go blow my nose now. – Roni