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Dina VanDecker-Tibbs

Our motto: “Heal the body, heal the mind then find the Vizsla within!” – Lee Mahlman
Our goal: To leave no Vizsla to die or suffer.
Remember: “No matter how nice, a shelter can never be a home.”


    My name is Dina Tibbs and I joined CWVRG in January 2014 as a non-voting member whose focus is fundraising and social media marketing for the organization. I have a wonderful husband Jason and a 9 year old son Casey; and of course Zora my 2.5 Vizsla-lab.

    We were first introduced to a Vizsla on a camping trip in 1999; right after my husband and I bought our house. We were amazed at the beauty, regal stature, and of course smarts of this dog camped next to us. We got home from that trip and 3 weeks later my husband brought home Zed and our lives were never the same. We had no idea at the time how to handle a Vizsla and what their needs were. Our friends nicknamed him “Crackhead Zed”. Zed taught us everything we know for 14 years. He was by my side for the good times and some really sad times and always anticipated what I needed. We sent Zed to the Rainbow Bridge on May 19th 2013 shortly after his 14th birthday.

    Professionally I spent 15 years in telecommunications management and left that to pursue a career in Massage Therapy and Holistic Wellness. I also have a background in business and creative writing and when my son was little I wrote several blogs and did social media marketing consulting for local authors. I also was President of our local Mom’s Club chapter where I developed a love for fundraising and non-profit work, and now am on the Leadership team for my son’s school Silent Auction; that one event brings in $14,000 for several enrichment programs and teacher trainings that we otherwise would not have access to.

    In 2012 I decided I wanted to work with canines instead of humans and pursued my Canine Massage Therapy certificate and have been working exclusively with canines ever since. I have expertise in essential oils for animals, holistic wellness and I will soon be adding acupressure to my toolbox; completing my certification in the fall. I am always available to provide volunteer massage for our fosters, or do a phone wellness consultation and answer any questions you may have about canine holistic health. Massage is excellent for keeping our sporting dogs healthy, pain relief, helps relax our wild V’s and with fear and separation anxiety issues.

    Besides CWVRG I volunteer a lot of time giving massage to other rescues; in particular Colorado Greyhound Adoption, Colorado Pug Rescues, Rocky Mountain Great Danes…… and any other rescue who asks for my assistance. I believe I am very blessed in this life and give back as much as I possibly can.