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Thank you for your interest in our red canine companions.   

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If you are serious about considering one of our a very special rescue Vizslas
, we ask that you complete an adoption application. Please leave no questions unanswered. We judge you as a prospective home by your answers. Areas left blank with no explanation may raise doubts.

All Vizslas placed are required to be neutered or spayed before placement. The minimum adoption donation requested for Vizslas placed is $375.00 for dogs 8 wks – to 18 months. For Vizslas 18 months & older, the minimum donation is $325.00, and for Vizslas 10 years and older, $225.00. Anything over the suggested adoption fee is considered a donation, which will get you a tax deduction! These added dollars help to cover gas, food and extraordinary medical bills – the love is always free.

Please keep in mind that we do not always know the origins of our rescue Vizslas. Some have been rescued from shelters with no background information. We make every attempt to find out about the dogs, but in some cases may not know if a dog is truly a purebred Vizsla or not.

Some dogs in our care are not posted on our website.
They will be posted when they are ready to join your family. We may be getting your dog ready for you. When the time is right for both of you, we will be happy to play matchmaker for the right family.

Please fill out our online adoption application here

As one of the perks for adopting through us, Petfinder gives new adopters 30 days of complimentary pet insurance! This program is available in all US states and Washington DC, except for New York state. There is no cost for this 30-day protection. The 30-day coverage plan ensures the pet you adopt is covered for accidents and illnesses. This plan provides $1,000 aggregate/ $500 per-incident limit of accident and illness protection. It reimburses 100% of vet bills after a $50 per-incident deductible.


Hello World!  My name is Jackson and I am a handsome blonde vizsla. Yes, quite handsome and loving too.  I would snuggle all day, given the chance. 

I am so ready to find my forever home as I’ve had quite the journey so far. To no fault of my own, I’ve been in five homes (including my foster families) in my 10 years.

Everyone who meets me says the same thing, I am such a love.  In addition to snuggling, I love duckies and sticks. I’m even chasing squirrels with my 7 year old v-foster brother.

I’ve had a chance to meet a lot of other dogs here and even a few kids and have done just fine.  I probably shouldn’t go to a family with cats though.

Aside from that, I’m a pretty chill kind of guy. Separation anxiety is not a problem for me.  I’m not food motivated so I don’t counter surf. I don’t know many commands or tricks, but I do make sure to come right away when I’m called.  I only want to be with you, after all.  Oh, and if you need someone to ride with you in the car, I’m your guy!  I love the car!

Jack WyattDear Sweet Ava

Hello Everyone! My name is Ava and I'm five years-old. My mother was a Vizsla but my father was an opportunist from a good neighborhood. Mom never told me who he was. I am a very sweet girl, although I tend to be very fearful and have some pretty extreme trust issues. CWVRG considers me a "special needs" girl. I came from a really sweet, wonderful family who did not do anything to cause my fear and trust issues, so please don't blame them! They loved me so much but just couldn't take care of me once a new human baby arrived. They said that they were afraid that with my anxieties and fears that the baby might inadvertently do something to really upset me. Why would I do that, I've never been known to bite!

While my last family loved me dearly, I'm not prepared to talk about the ones who had me before them, but it was really, really, bad. Because of this, one of my problems is that I have a severe crate anxiety. My foster Mom and Dad have worked hard with me. I can now be crated up to four hours while they are gone. That is huge!!!!! That doesn't mean that I can be crated while they are home, I want to be with my Mommy and Daddy. If you want to jail me while you are home, you had better be prepared to shower me with lots and lots of chew treats or you will hear from me!

Thank you, Ava

Notes from Ava's foster Mom: Ava is on an anti-anxiety medication.  Ava's ideal family will be extremely patient and not have kids as her family will need to be somewhat dog savvy and be able to read her body language.  She tells you through her body language how she is feeling.  She needs a quiet family that does not require a lap dog or an affectionate dog, at least for quite some time. Ava will take quite awhile to be able to trust her new family, but it does come in time. Once she trusts you, Ava seeks attention on her terms and loves to be scratched under the chin or on the back of her neck.  She came from a home with a dog and may be able to go to a home with dogs, but she has not been put with our dogs as she is pretty excitable with them and it makes them nervous. She has not been tested with our cats and I would not put her in a home that has small animals.  She loves to try to go after mice in our yard and to dig up moles. Ava is housebroken and can be left alone for short periods outside of a crate without getting into anything. Ava can jump a 6 foot fence like it is not there so she will need to be watched closely in the yard. Ava's recall is selective so it may be safe to keep her on a 20 or 30 foot lead so you can get her back when you need to.  

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